Therapeutic Nutrition (Medical Conditions)

This program is purely designed to control the intake of certain foods or nutrients in your diet. It’s usually a modification in your regular diet. Such modifications are done for nutrients (sodium, cholesterol, fiber, sugar etc.) textures and food allergies and food intolerances.

Therapeutic diet is a targeted nutrition meal plan imposed for a short period of time to address a specific health issue and encourage healing. You are strictly intact to consume specific nutrients and avoid others. Once you get to achieve good health you can begin to take your normal diet.

Prevention and Cure -Lifestyle Diseases

We strongly believe that “Prevention is better than cure”. Nowadays maximum people are falling into the trap of various life style/non communicable diseases like diabetes, CVD, hypertension (high blood pressure), PCOD, thyroid, depression even cancer as well and many more.If you want to prevent yourself from these diseases,then this programme is definitely for you.

So many factors like background,life style, environment and age are associated with any kind of life style disease.So first we find out the factors affecting you and then on the basis of that information we design a personalized prevention program for you. Because it is not just being careful about what you eat but one needs to have an eye and mind for it and what not to eat is simultaneously important. through this programme we also educate you about some other factors which needs to be changed in day to day life. After completing this program you would definitely enjoy a healthier and happier life forever..