Pre Wedding

Marriage is an occasion when every girl and boy wants to look most beautiful / handsome . A bride /groom wants to have the right shape of body, glowing and beautiful skin as well as good energy level so that they can enjoy all the ritual and overall marriage without feeling tiredness. If you are planning for your life’s special day than we are here to help you to make for that.

This bride and groom plan is specially designed to help you slim down and stay healthy pre and after wedding function . We don’t believe in crash dieting or any quick fix plan , we only add your daily caloric need with clean food as fresh vegetable, fruits, good protein and good fat which is easy to follow during your hectic schedule and get your desired results. It needs to be completed one week before your wedding so that in these seven days you can take care of other important things for your special day. we also give you a another plan after completing this plan, which can help you to stay healthy and radiant for your special day and ever after you want.

Hair, Nail & Skeen

If you are really looking for some natural ways to get healthy, shiny, tight and tone skin, strong and long hair and beautiful nails like we all want to have then this program is for you .they basically each require the same nutrients to grow healthy, so you will reap many benefits from the same nutrient.

Our skin and hair are the body’s first line of defense against mechanical damage, microorganism and ultraviolet radiations .Thus the health of your skin hair and nails is important for your overall well being. It can be affected by the quality of your diet, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies. We are spending our hard and fast money on skin care, make ups and many more skin ,hair and nails related products but we failed to get the required result. Therefore it is important to eat balance diet to get healthy skin hair and nails

We give you the diet with support the health and tissues and enhances the facial skin moister, elasticity and reduces the sign of facial aging and give you a glowing and young skin , strong and shiny hair and nails .

We also provide you special recipe and home made facial , face packs and hair packs to get healthy and natural everlasting result