During & after Pregnancy

If you are going to plan for a baby or already carrying a baby than nutrition should be your first priority and it is vital to stick on good health habit . This program insures you to get all of the right nutrients for your baby’s need also helps to reduce the risk of developing condition that can affect pregnancy. If you are at your home with your new born than congratulation! After delivering a child, the body depleted and the digestion system is week which is aggravated with lack of sleep and erratic eating pattern. This need to be rebalanced here as well as healing the body’s tissues and rebalancing the energy levels . It is also important for new mums to take right food for breast feeding.

During pregnancy you may gain some excess weight and you might want to shade these extra calories after delivery. We will provide you here a diet full of essential nutrients which makes your body burn calories and helps you to reduce weight . you may be surprised at how much weight you loose naturally, while breast feeding and also able to pass nutrients to your baby .

Immunity Booster

This program is for those who are really serious about immune system of every member of family through diet and nutrition. Now the most important ways, families can use ward off cold, flu and other illnesses by boosting their immune system even adults or kids. The immunity is the body defense system against infectious organism and other foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses and thousands of toxins on daily basis .Several different organs and cells work together throughout the life to make immune system healthy and safe. Individual’s immune system is different so everyone needs different immunity booster program at every stage of life like immune system of a child is week in comparison of an adult, that is why we need to focus more on them till the time they reach teen age. Same thing is happen in old age too.

There are so many factors affect a person’s immune system but the most importantly eating a well balanced diet which includes plenty of foods and nutrients loaded with anti –oxidants . So we have created this personalized program by adding effective food and nutrients accord ing to your life style physiological , biological and environmental conditions.

Overall Child’s Development

If you are concerned about your child’s overall development and growth , this is a right place for you.

Now days the problem of childhood nutrition is being seen overwhelming.. Due to busy and hectic family schedules we somehow manage to provide required nutrition to our kids in spite of that we all are failed to manage a lot of nutritional ingredients that should be ideally a part of our Kid’s Diet.

Our program helps you to make healthy strategies to fulfill all the nutritional requirements for your child keeping in the mind your child would eat interestingly.